Adverse effects of cigarette smoke

The public need to know the adverse effects of cigarette smoke.  Actually, Adverse effects of cigarette smoke on school children and teenagers and pregnant women.
Cigarette smoke is very bad for school children and teenagers and pregnant women because it can interfere with the health of the fetus in the womb. The adverse effects of cigarette smoke not only endanger the health of the smoker himself, but also other people around him who accidentally smoke cigarette smoke.

The Diseases 

School children and teenagers exposed to cigarette smoke are susceptible to exposure:
• Respiratory tract infections (bronchitis, pneumonia, and lung infections).
• Sudden asthma disorders.
• Ear infections.
• A chronic cough.
• Lymphoma.
• Blood cancer.
• Brain tumor.
• Weakened body resistance.
Sucking cigarette smoke during pregnancy can cause:
• Babies born prematurely.
• Baby’s weight at low birth.
• Babies die suddenly.
• Mental disability.
• Inability to learn.
• ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome).

Efforts to prevent the bad effects of cigarette smoke on passive smokers?
The more often we are exposed to cigarette smoke, the higher the risk of the disease.
Effective efforts that can be done is to distance yourself and your family from cigarette smoke. Ask that a smoker not smoke around other people such as inside the house, or in a public place. At the mosque, at the market, on the bus, at the public transport stop, at the terminal.
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Prevention Efforts

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