Bad Impact of Obesity

There are some bad Impacts of Obesity that usually appear after a long time unhealthy habits of consuming foods:

1. Excessive accumulation of fat under the diaphragm and inside the chest wall can compress the lungs.

2. So that respiratory problems and shortness of breath arise, even though the patient only has a mild activity.

3. Respiratory problems can occur during sleep and cause a temporary cessation of breathing (sleep apnea). As a result, during the day sufferers often feel sleepy.

4. Obesity can cause a variety of orthopedic problems, including lower back pain and worsen osteoarthritis (especially in the hip, knee and ankle area). Also sometimes skin disorders are found.

5. A person suffering from obesity has a relatively narrow body surface compared to his weight, so that body heat cannot be disposed of efficiently and sweat more. Edema is often found (swelling due to the accumulation of fluid) in the limbs and ankles.

Factors That Cause Obesity

  1. Scientifically, obesity results from consuming more calories than is needed by the body. The cause of the imbalance between intake and burning of calories is still unclear.
  2. The occurrence of obesity involves several factors:
    a. Food Factors
    If someone consumes food with the energy content that is needed by the body, then there is no energy stored. Conversely, if you consume food with more energy than your body needs, the energy will be stored, as energy reserves, especially as fat as described above.
    b. Heredity Factor
    Research in humans and animals shows that obesity occurs because of factors of gene and environmental interactions.
    c. Hormone Factors
    Decreased thyroid hormone in the body due to deterioration of thyroid gland function will affect metabolism where the ability to use energy will decrease.
    d. Psychological Factors
    In some individuals will eat more than usual if they feel the need for a special need for emotional security (security food).
    e. Inappropriate Lifestyle (Life Style)
    Global socioeconomic, technological and information progress has led to lifestyle changes that include thought patterns and attitudes, which can be seen from eating habits and physical activity patterns.
    f. Use of Medicines
    Side effects of some drugs can cause weight gain, such as contraceptive drugs.

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