To maintain the nutritional balance for pregnant women is very important. The condition of pregnant women is very different from those who are not pregnant. Especially in terms of daily food consumption. Because not only to fulfill nutrition for herself, but also for her fetus.  Actually, in regulating the intake or food menu, there are things that need to be noticed during pregnancy, for example:

  1. Avoid consuming canned food, excessive sweet foods, and foods that are not fresh
  2. Pregnant women should eat regularly to keep the body so that the fetus in the bladder can absorb food from his mother well
  3. Dishes are composed of nutritious and protein-rich foods
  4. Use a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods by buying and choosing fresh, fully nutritious foods (protein, fat, vitamins)
  5. Reduce the foods that contain lots of gas such as mustard, cabbage, and others
  6. Avoid smoking and drinking like alcohol and others.

Food menu for pregnant women, basically not much different from the menu before pregnancy. So there should be no difficulty in the food menu settings during pregnancy.

Sample menu of the day in pregnant women

  • Grocery Portion dish of the day type of dish
  • Rice 5 + 1 serving Morning food: 1.5 portion rice (150 gram) with fish/meat 1 medium cut (40 grams), medium soy steak 2 pieces (50 grams), 1 cup bowl
  • Vegetable 3 bowls
  • Fruit 4 pieces
  • Meat 3 pieces and fruit 1 medium cut.
  • Eating interlude: 1 cup milk and 1 medium piece of fruit
  • Lunch: 3 servings of rice (300 grams), with a side dish, vegetable, and fruit equal to morning.
  • Meat 3 pieces
  • 2 cup milk
  • Oil 5 teaspoons

Nutrition of Pregnant Women

  1. Food substances are very important for pregnant women because they work for fetal development and growth.
  2. Therefore, the need for food substances must always be met in the body of pregnant women.
  3. It is because the fetus requires nutrients for its development.

According to Dr. Tina Wardani Wisesa, pregnancy is very meaningful to women’s lives. Because it can affect the physiological and psychological conditions. During pregnancy, this will decrease appetite due to physical and physical factors that often appear early in pregnancy. To overcome this, you should eat in small quantities but often.

The food eaten should be no shortage and also the excess. However, that must have many nutrients, protein and enough vitamins and minerals that lives in the body of pregnant women. Nutrition needs will continue to increase, especially after entering the second trimester of pregnancy. Because at that moment, the growth of the fetus is very fast and the mother’s weight goes up and down quickly. In the last two months of pregnancy, the baby’s brain develops very quickly, because in this period babies need nutrients for the development of the brain and nerve tissue.

Things to watch out for, although increased appetite is to stick to a balanced diet with a balanced diet by avoiding high-calorie foods. , be avoided by pregnant women because of the possibility of carrying seeds of certain diseases or parasites that can harm the fetus.

            Things to consider in the fulfillment of pregnant women’s nutrients are:

  1. Mothers should eat regularly three times a day.
  2. The dish should be composed of nutritious food ingredients consisting of: staple food, side dishes, vegetables and fruits and drink 1 cup of milk every day.
  3. Using a variety of existing foods.
  4. Choosing a variety of fresh food.

Usefulness of food for pregnant women

1) For the growth of the fetus in the womb

2) To maintain the health and strength of the body for the mother herself

3) In order for the wounds of labor to heal quickly

4) Useful for backing up for lactation.

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