Cervical Cancer, Symptoms And Prevention

Cervical cancer is now one of a dangerous problem for a woman that causes a serious impact on life. In the early stages often there is often no sign – a sign that is typical but, sometimes found symptoms.

  1. The symptoms of Cervical Cancer as follows;
  • Whitish or dilute liquid out of the vagina.
  • Bleeding after copulation which then continues to be an abnormal bleeding.
  • An occurrence of bleeding after menopause.
  • In the Inpansif phase can exit fluid yellow – yellow, smelly and can be mixed with blood.
  • Anemia symptoms arise in the event of Chronic bleeding.
  • Arising pain Pelvis or lower abdomen if there is pelvic inflammation.
  • At the advanced stage, the body becomes emaciated because of malnutrition, edema of the foot, irritation of the bladder and the lower rectum (rectum).

The Cervical Cancer is one of the most dangerous 

Like another cancer, this type of cancer also undergoes spread (metastasis). Cervical Cancer spread there are three kinds, namely:

  1. Through the Lymph vessels (lymphogen) Towards other lymph nodes.
  2. Through a blood vessel (hematogen).
  3. Direct spread to the parametrium, uterine corpus, vagina, bladder.
  1. Cervical Cancer Stage

Determination of stadium in cervical cancer patients is very important. This is related to the type of treatment and recovery prospects that will be done. Staging of cervical cancer as follows:

            Stadium Description

  • 0 : Cervical cancer stage 0 can be called carcinoma in situ. Abnormal cells are found only in the lining of the cervix.
  • I : Cancer is found only in the cervix.
  • II : Cancer that has spread beyond the cervix, but does not spread to the pelvic wall or the lower third of the vagina.
  • III : Cancer that has spread to the lower third of the vagina. It may have spread to the pelvic wall and or has caused the kidney to malfunction.
  • IV : Cancer has spread of the bladder, rectum, or other body parts such as the lungs, bones, and liver.
  1. C. Prevention of Cervical Cancer
  2. Cervical cancer can be prevented by screening called PAP SMEAR and this screening is very effective because the examination is easy to do, fast and no pain. Screening aims to determine the existence (cancer) with a microscope.
  3. Now also been found Vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, even This vaccine can be given to girls from the age of 10 years. By doing this Vaccination prevention can be done, and for women who are active or have sexual intercourse must routinely perform PAP SMEAR or Visual Inspection.
  4. Have a healthy diet, rich in vegetables, cereals to stimulate the immune system.
  5. Avoid smoking.
  6. Avoid sex before marriage or at a very young age.
  7. Avoid having sex with many partners.
  8. Perform intimate organ cleaning or known as Vagina toilet.

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