The source of drinking water from time to time decreases. It is due to illegal logging of forests almost evenly everywhere. This has a direct impact on the depletion of underground drinking water supplies. If the dry season comes in many villages and the area will experience drought. Therefore the community must immediately stop illegal logging with the police and security forces. Besides making efforts to conserve drinking water sources and replanting forests.


River water flows into a reservoir I through a coarse filter that can separate solids in large particles. The reservoir I was given a filter consisting of fibers, sand, gravel and so forth. Then the water flowed to the second container. Here put alum and chlor. From here it is only flowed to the inhabitants or taken directly to the locals themselves. To be free of bacteria when water will be drunk still require boiled first.


Springs that naturally arise in the villages need to be managed by protecting the springs so as not to be contaminated with feces. From here the water can be channeled to people’s homes through bamboo pipes or residents can directly take it themselves to the source that has been protected.


Well water pumps, especially deep well water pumps are sufficient to meet health requirements. But these pump wells in rural areas are still expensive. Besides that technology is still considered high for rural communities. More common in rural areas is a dug well.

            In order for the well water of this excavation pump is not polluted by the dirt around it, the need for the following conditions:

  1. There should be a good lip so that when the rainy season arrives, groundwater will not enter into it.
  2. At the top of approximately 3 m from the surface of the ground must be walled, so that water from above cannot contaminate the well water.
  3. Need to be given a layer of gravel at the bottom of the well to reduce turbidity.
  4. Instead of gravel, into this well can be incorporated a substance that can form a precipitate, such as aluminum sulfate (alum).
  5. Cleaning the cloudy well water can be done by filtering it with a self-made filter from a used tin.

Rain Water

            The household need for water can also be done through rainwater catchment. Each family can do rainwater catching from its roof through the flow of gutters. In the rainy season this is not a problem but in the dry season may be a problem. To cope with the family requires a larger rainwater reservoir it is needed having a reservoir for the dry season.

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