Kudus City, a small town in Central Java Province, Indonesia, proudly declared their team of health promotion. There are 25 members of the team that come from different skills: Nurse, midwife and environment health promotion.

They have work for many years in the civil servant of the district government of Kudus City.

And the main goal of their duty now is keeping the public of Kudus City stay healthy.   And the population of the Kudus city is currently 800.000 peoples.  And at least 20% of them are still poor. Although it is not supported by an adequate health promotion budget, however, the determination and working spirit of the team of health promoters will keep strong.

The Duty oh Health Promoter

The duty of a Health Promoter when enjoyed is very pleasant. Why is that?
They went directly to the villages to provide counseling to the people in the interior to behave in a clean and healthy life. Obstacles and rural natural conditions that are not ideal become challenges for us public health workers. Roads are damaged, there is no electricity, and the absence of clean water facilities often occurs in villages.
Not only minimal public facilities, the low level of education of rural communities also greatly affects the behavior and culture of unhealthy communities. Burning garbage, defecating in an open place, also throwing garbage in the river happens a lot.
Health promoters must have a high spirit, perseverance and patience to carry out their heavy duties.
Voluntary souls, perseverance and dedication are the main capital.
In order to create a healthy society and to change the healthy behavior of the community, health promoters continue to work. Happiness will be felt when people become healthy and prosperous because of the hard work of the health promoter.

Congratulations on the duty of volunteer health promotion in the Kudus District. May God bless you and make your way easier.

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