The Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are health problems that greatly disrupt our routine work activities. At first, we considered this hemorrhoid as a mild problem. but if left unchecked it will become more serious and dangerous.

Definition of Hemorrhoids

The hemorrhoid is a disease that occurs in the anus where the anal lips are swollen sometimes accompanied by bleeding. The actual anatomy of hemorrhoids is not a disease but a change in the veins in the anus. Where on the anus there are three blood vessels or arteries. If one of them is disturbed or there is a dam of blood flow then the vessels will widen or swell. This is called hemorrhoids.

In patients with hemorrhoids are generally difficult to sit and defecate. Because it hurts when the anal lips get pressure. Now there are still many people who say people with severe hemorrhoids sometimes difficult to treat. So it can be given surgical removal of hemorrhoids that can give side effects are sometimes not good. Therefore,  hemorrhoids need to be wary and handled properly for easy to treat. Now with the Mangosteen Juice XAMthone Plus, patients with hemorrhoids do not feel the need to suffer a lifetime due to surgery is done. Because Mangosteen Juice XAMthone Plus can heal hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids without surgery. Do not ignore and underestimate the sickness of hemorrhoids that you suffer.  Because you can be made to suffer for life by the disease or hemorrhoids if this is not addressed properly to the roots.

Types of hemorrhoids there are two kinds, namely hemorrhoids inside and outside hemorrhoids.

The Kinds of Hemorrhoids

1.      Hemorrhoids inside.  This hemorrhoid inside veins of the anus covered by wet mucous membranes. If left untreated may appear to stand out like outside hemorrhoids. Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids are like there is blood coming out of the anus when defecating. Generally, if it is severe it can stand out and continue to grow as big as a tennis ball so surgical action should be taken to remove the hemorrhoids.

2.      External hemorrhoids are varicose veins under the muscles that are generally associated with the skin. Usually, this hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids look bluish swelling on the edge of the anus pain and itchy.

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